Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Post

Just updated my profile after 3 years of not posting on the old blog. I was quite amazed that this weblog is still on blogger but there you go. You never know, I may start blogging again, but don't build your hopes up whoever reads this.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New computer/ New resolve

New computer/ New resolve.

Can't promise anything, but the resolve to post is slowly coming back.

My old computer was so slow I couldn't be bothered switching it on. I would rather watch re-runs of "Have I got news for you" or the "South Bank Show" on TV than wait the 20 minutes or so before my 64mb RAM computer decided to wake up. That has all changed with my new 1GB RAM computer. I can actually watch videos on U-Tube, without the characters looking as if they are doing that robotic dance thing.

That's the computer part of the strapline, the hard part is the resolve. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since I last posted. Hell, I even had to Google Blogger in order to get a password reset. What I will promise is.....

slowly resolve to start posting again!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On my travels again

Well I'm on my travels again. Tomorrow I'm up at the crack of dawn and driving down to HO in Nottingham for a 2 day course.

On my way I always call in at Tibtree services because they have a nice Costa's coffee shop there. I'm hooked on their Cappucino. £2.85p for a large one to go. Last time I was down there I got a Costa lotta coffee and placed it in my cup holder in the car. Trouble is, the cups are so large, the top sort of just wedges in and leaves it at an angle. Of course I forgot and went around a bend to get back onto the motorway and it toppled over. Capo all over the car floor. I ended up with a coffee smelling car for the next week until I managed to clean it.

Might get a medium one tomorrow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pet Names

As I've stated in previous posts, my little lass makes me laugh at the things she says.
We were talking about names she calls members of the family. This is what she said-

" I call Mummy, 'Chef' because she cooks nice meals for me. I call Daddy 'Cushion' because he's nice and soft when I sit on his knee and I call my grown up sister 'Teddybear' because she's like a big teddybear when she's in her bed."

"You've missed out your brother, what do you call him?" I asked.

"A pain in the neck" she replied.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Scowl

I have to drive to Bradford everyday for my work, a total of about 12 miles, which doesn't sound much but 7 of those miles are on the busiest stretch of motorway in the North, junctions 24 to 27 of the M62. The other 5 miles are inner city driving. You very rarely get up to 40mph on the motorway, and although the speed limit on the city roads is 30mph, you'll only ever get that fast on Christmas Day at 3 am. Usual speed is between 0 and a terrifying 10mph.

So I laughed at a story I heard on the Terry Wogan show this morning, when I was crawling along the A6177 in Bradford at a dizzy 5 mph, trailing a skip-wagon. A guy in similar circumstances to me, travelling into work, same speed, different city, been doing the same route for years, noticed a white van at the side of the road in the distance. When he got closer, he saw that it was a Traffic Policeman pointing a radar gun at the oncoming vehicles. The speed limit on the road was 40mph, but the traffic was stopping and starting, and couldn't have got up 5mph never mind 40mph. When the guy got alongside the copper, he waved to him and gave him a big smile.

All he got back was a scowl!

Mustn't have had any customers that morning.

Friday, February 02, 2007

A Day in York

Part of my job working in the photo-hub is to go and visit the stores that send me the photos to develop and today being such a nice sunny day I decided to go to York.

York is the capitol city of Yorkshire and goes way back to the Viking times and beyond, consequently it is also full of tourists. Mind you, even I like going to York. There are plenty of attractions to see, museums to visit, some of them free, also , if you like touristy type shops, your well catered for.

Today though I didn't have time for all that, I was on business. I parked the car up in the park and ride, paid my £2 and let somebody else negotiate the traffic in the city centre. In places like this you tend to get a lot of buskers, someone playing a guitar or violin or blowing a trumpet, but today, I kid you not, was the first time Iv'e seen a busker playing a grand piano on the pavement. True! He could really play it well, as well. He had quite a crowd around him, so I think he would have got a fair bit in the hat.

Probably needed it at the end of the day to pay for the removal van!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Swimming Lessons

Last September we got a message from the school saying that my lad wasn't very confident in the pool when his class went swimming. They suggested extra lessons on a Saturday morning with me in the pool with him, to give him that confidence.
On the first lesson I soon sussed what the problem was. He could swim fine but he insisted on wearing floats on his arms stating that if he took them off he would drown.It took 3 months of Saturday mornings to wean him off those floats until one Saturday morning he swam a pool length un-aided. The class cheered and clapped him, the instructor congratulated him, I was proud of him, and to prove it wasn't a fluke , he swam another 2 lengths. The instructor thought he was showing off then.
The following Saturday, the instructor came up to me and told me that in his normal school swimming lessons he refused to swim without floats. He must have thought that because I was there, I would save him from drowning. It took him another month before he finally discarded the floats, with or without me.

His extra lessons finished before Christmas, but now the little lass is coming with me on Saturdays. She's so skinny that the armbands keep falling off.

I think she'll learn fast...or drown!